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Hello. I have been making pottery on the potter's wheel since 1972. Throughout the years, I have worked in earthenware, terra cotta,and primarily in high fire stoneware. In 1979, I participated in a workshop on crystalline glazes and was immediately captivated, but felt that my throwing skills were not good enough for these glazes. During the 1980's and first half of the 1990's, I sold my pottery at Arts and Crafts shows and galleries around the area, winning awards in both Collin and Dallas counties. Around 1990, I finally began to produce work of the quality that I thought deserved crystalline glazes. I then began doing intense testing and producing work in the Crystalline field. In the early 1990's, I had a business producing cast dinnerware. In 1993 I began making tile for several painters in the Dallas area. Around 1995 I developed a line of Crystalline glazed tile that I still offer to clients wanting a discriminating touch for their homes. In 1996, I purchased a business producing handmade, hand painted address plaques, with employees, not as much fun as making pots! Despite having businesses producing work for the general public, my goal was always to make the finest pottery with crystalline glazes.

In 1998 I was blessed with the greatest gift, my son. At that time, I decided to shut things down and spend his first five years giving him the best start on life I could, so pottery took the back burner and was done mostly when he was napping or when he spent time with his grandparents.

I began playing around with porcelain about 2005. All this time, crystalline glazes have owned my artistic heart. I have begun making my own clay in order to control the final product. The glazes I make are quite sensitive and I have had a great deal of difficulty with new batches of clay giving me bad results, making my own porcelain should help prevent this some.

I returned to Arts and Crafts shows in 2006. You can see what shows I am participating in on my Show Schedule page.

I currently maintain a studio in Garland, a suburb of Dallas, Texas. I am generally there Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, from 8:00 am to 2:30 pm., at which time the prodigal son gets out of school. Wednesdays I am usually there from 2 PM until 8 PM I have annual studio sales, but I do not entertain customers on a daily basis in the studio. If you wish to view a work of art before purchasing it, you may call me and make an appointment to come to the studio. I am a working potter so sometimes I can not get to the phone when you call. Please leave a message as I am probably up to my ears in clay or send me an e-mail with your contact information.




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